NEW 300W Replacement Power Supply for Sony Vaio PCV-RZ22G PCV-RX450 PCV-RZ26G PC







Modified HIGH POWER®  400-Watt Power Supply
to work as replacement for Sony Vaio
...and more (scroll down to see additional models) 

Comes with the Sony REQUIRED Fan Speed Monitor connector similar to the original Sony power supply:
Provides real time rotational speed of the power supply fan to the Sony system.  This feature provides an added level of security alarm to the system.  In the event that the power supply's fan failure, the Sony PC will immediately or sound an alarm. 

Officially Certified by UL safety lab  License# E320351

  • Now Supports SATA drives and PCI-Express video card.
  • High standard of quality with official certification from CE, UL, cUL, TUV, and FCC.
  • Condition: We modified this HIGH POWER®  model# SI-A400M2 only mechanically to fit your Sony system.
  • AC Input (47-63Hz) is switch selectable to 115V (100-127V) or 230V (200-240V).

Connectors Summary:
This power supply may have more than enough connectors to power all the peripheral devices currently in your Sony system.   But if you still need additional power connectors, we do have various power adapters available for purchase.

Connector Name Quantity Picture
20pin & 24pin
dual-use main connector  -

14.5 inch ( 368 mm)
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Peripheral Power Connector

12.5 inch (317 mm)
18.5 inch (469 mm)
24 inch (609 mm)
+ 1x 6-inch 1-to-2 Y expansion Cable
Floppy Drive Power Connector

31 inch (787 mm)
Connector Name Quantity Picture
Serial ATA Power Connector

14.5 inch ( 368 mm)
20.75 inch ( 527 mm)
ATX12V 4-Pin
Power Connector

14.375 inch (364 mm)
PCI Express Power Connector

15 inch (381 mm)

3-pin Fan Speed Monitor Connector (required for Sony)

21.5 inch ( 546 mm)


Additional compatible models:

Delta DPS-295BB A, DPS-295AB-A, DPS-350RB A, DPS-266AB, DPS-266AB A, DPS-186AB.   
Sony Vaio MJPC-300A2, PCV-RZ20CD2, PCV-RZ20CG1, PCV-RZ20CG2, , PCV-RZ49, PCV-RZ50C2B, PCV-RZ50C5B, PCV-RZ50R, PCV-C11L, PCV-RZ24G, PCV-RZ14G, PCV-RZ Series, PCV-RZ10C, PCV-RZ10CG, PCV-RZ10CGP, PCV-RZ16G, PCV-RZ20C, PCV-RZ20CG, PCV-RZ20CGP, o PCV-RZ20CP, PCV-RZ22G, PCV-RZ26G, PCV-RZ30C, PCV-RZ30CG, PCV-RZ30CGP, PCV-RZ30CP, PCV-RZ30GN2, PCV-RZ30GN4, PCV-RZ31G, PCV-RZ32G, PCV-RZ36G, PCV-RZ40C, PCV-RZ40C1B, PCV-RZ40C1F, PCV-RZ40CG, PCV-RZ40CP, PCV-RZ44G, PCV-RZ45G, PCV-RZ46G, PCV-RZ49G, PCV-RZ49Y, PCV-RZ50C, PCV-RZ50CG, PCV-RZ50N, PCV-RZ51, PCV-RZ54G, PCV-RZ56G, PCV-RXA842, PCV-RX260DS, PCV-RX270DS, PCV-RX280DS, PCV-RX360DS, PCV-RX370DS, PCV-RX380DS, PCV-RX450, PCV-RX460, PCV-RX462DS, PCV-RX480DS, PCV-RX490TV, PCV-RX500, PCV-RX540, PCV-RX552, PCV-RX554, PCV-RX560, PCV-RX570, PCV-RX571, PCV-RX572, PCV-RX581, PCV-RX600, PCV-RX600N, PCV-RX640, PCV-RX641, PCV-RX671, PCV-RX672, PCV-RX681, PCV-RX682, PCV-RX690G, PCV-RX700, PCV-RX730, PCV-RX731, PCV-RX741, PCV-RX742,  1-468-709-15,  146870916,  PCV-RX series,  RZ221,  MJPC-300A1,  MJPC-300A, PCV-RZ34G,  1-468-853-13,  DPS-295AB-2A, VGC-V520G, VGC-V617G, VGC-V620G,  1-468-709-22,  1-468-709-21, PCV-RS630G, PCV-1142,  1-468-825-11, PCV-RS420,  146871051, PCV-2232, PCV-14RZ, PCV-2242,  PCV-RS520,  1-468-826-11, PCV-RS320, PCV-RS322, PCV-RS322X, PCV-RS421, PCV-RS422, PCV-RS423P, PCV-RS430G, PCV-RS431, PCV-RS431X,  1-468-745-21, PCV-RS510, PCV-RS410, PCV-RS511P, PCV-RS411, PCV-RS530G, PCV-2234, PCV-RS610, PCV-RS612P, PCV-RS613G, PCV-RS620G, PCV-RS630G, PCV-RS700CB, PCV-RS700CG, PCV-RS710G, PCV-RS720G, PCV-RS724G, PCV-RX550, PCV-RZ10CD1, PCV-RZ10CE1, PCV-RZ10CE2, PCV-RZ10CEG, PCV-RZ14G, PCV-RZ20CD
Sony P/N: 146874521,  146882611,  1-468-710-51,  146882511,  146870921,  146870922,  146885313,  1-468-709-16,  146870915,  1-468-709-14