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Lot 5: LCD Universal Charger Retail Status Display Mobile,Camera, Li-Ion Battery

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Lot 5: LCD Universal Charger Status Display for Mobile, Camera, Li-Ion Battery
Battery NOT included just to show you how it works

  • Suitable for the recharging of Li-ion mobile batteries with the capacity of and below 2000mAh
  • High performance power switch is contained inside with the range of electric voltage from 110-240V
  • With intelligent LCD Status Display, so that the process of charging more accurate and clear.
  • Recharging and discharging is controlled by micro computer chip with high speed and efficiency, and automatic shut down function when recharging is completed. It is safe and reliable
  • The size and weight of it are suitable for carrying around. Suitable to most Li-ion mobile batteries with the electric voltage 3.6V or 3.7V.
  • With the intelligent inside circuitry it can automatic transform the charger output polarity suitable for the batter anode and cathode.