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NEW 8x Server Dual-Ball Bearing Cooling Fans + PC Auto Temperature Controller

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2X Auto Fan Speed Controller 
+ 8X 120mm Dual-Ball Bearing Cooling Fan Kit

for Server / GPU Gaming PC
Special mod. version which operates at full speed to provide massive air volume.  Does not provide RPM info to motherboard
Enlight Combospy Fan Speed Controller
User can preset 3 temperature range (min, max, and alert temp).    The speed of all fans will be controlled automatically to minimize noise while achieving the desired temperature setting.    Fans cannot be turned off with this unit, but can be run at full speed by de-selecting to monitor the fan on the display control (see manual).    The controller monitors input from both temperature sensors and act according to the higher temperature readings of the two.

  • Intelligent computer cooler and silencer - adjust fan speed optimally.
  • Full speed manual bypass mode allows instant maximum cooling.
  • Fits in a standard 5.25" drive bay while making an 3.5" drive bay in its back available for hard drives with undermount screw holes.
  • Standard 4-pin power connector with a bypass connector - works with any system configuration with any power supply.
  • Include 2 thermal sensor probes to detect temperature at the exact spot you need. Micro-controller will automatically adjust system fan speed to minimize fan speed to minimize fan noise while achieving user configured temperature range.
  • Support 4-fan tachometers input and speed control (up to four 3-pin case or CPU fans)
  • Built in LCD panel with green color (as shown) backlight to display thermal and fan RPM information clearly in bright or dark room.
  • 4 push buttons on front panel to set configuration
  • System buzzer provided for system alert
Jamicon 120mm Fans
Included are eight (8) high quality dual ball bearing fans that are officially safety certified by UL, cUL, CE, and TUV certified.   Each fan delivers high volume air flow of 80.11CFM which is more than twice as much air flow than generic 120mm PC case fan (normally around 30CFM).   Total maximum air volume delivered can be as high as 640 CFM with these 8 fans.  
Mounting screws are included.

Fan Specifications:

  • Voltage VDC: 12 (operating range is 10.2 to 13.8V)
  • Bearing Type: Dual Ball Bearing
  • Input current: 0.25A
  • Input Watts: 3W
  • Fan Speed RPM: 2400
  • AirFlow (Max): 80.11CFM
  • Pressure InchH2O: 0.186
  • Noise dBA: <39.50
  • Life Hour: 50,000
  • Power Connector: 3pin
  • Cable Length: 23.5" / 59.7cm
  • Operating Temperature : -10 degree C~70 degree C (Ordinary humidity).
  • Storage Temperature : -40 degree C~70 degree C (Ordinary humidity).
  • Insulation Resistance : 100M Ohm minimum at DC 500 V.
  • Dielectric Strength : 1500 VAC for 1 sec
  • Life: 50,000 hours at ambient temperature 25oC and humidity 65%
  • Locked Rotor Protection: Impedance protected.
  • Insulation Class : UL Class A